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Product Details


Diplomat Adept DA370 – maximum comfort, outstanding ergonomics and technical characteristics

The DA370 (upper instruments hose delivery) provide exceptional comfort for you and your patients either when it comes to a regular preventive check-up or to a complex surgical procedure. Combining refined ergonomics and progressive design, the DA370 unit is the perfect synthesis of functionality and comfort.

Exclusive Comport
Having been designed with dentist and patient comfort in mind, the unit’s design provides extra legroom, and the special “Cradle move” function allows the dentist to position the chair exactly as desired. Because we know that keeping a comfortable relaxed posture is very important for both the dentist and patient.

Dentist’s element DA370
The dental unit is enhanced with the latest technologies available on the dental market: 7-inch multi-language color capacity touch-screen display, electronic cooling water amount adjustment system, torque adjustment for brushless micromotors and many more. It is possible to program up to nine customized handpiece settings into the unit for each four users.

Headrest with 3D ball joint
Stainless steel headrest with 3D ball joint enabling 3-axis positioning for unparalleled comfort even during complex dental treatments.

X-ray and dental microscope

With the DA380/DA370 it is possible to fully take advantage of working with X-ray and surgical microscopes.




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Technical Specifications



Power supply : 230 V ± 10%

Maximum power input at 230 V/50 Hz : 1900 VA + 10%

Input air pressure : from 0,45 to 0,8 MPa

Input water pressure : from 0,3 to 0,6 MPa

Dental unit & chair weight (netto) : 210 kg + max. 25 kg acc.to the version

Type of shock protection : Class I equipment

Degree of shock protection : Applied parts of B type

Water temperature for the cup : 25 – 45 °C (with heater fitted)

Tray table recommended max. load : 1,5 kg

Side table recommended max. load : 3 kg

Dental chair: 

– chair seat lifting range : 320 ÷ 805 mm ± 15 mm

– back rest inclination angle (from vertical position) : 13° ÷ 97 ° ± 2°

– chair seat inclination angle (from horizontal position) : 3°÷ 21° ± 2°

– patient load : 200 kg

– operating mode pressure : 1:16 (cycle e.g.25 s run, 400 s rest)

– noise level : max. 54 dB

Packaging dimensions (length/width/height) : unit: 1370 x 920 x 1290 mm

chair: 1600 x 710 x 760 mm

Dental unit weight with packaging : 210 kg + max. 35 kg

Dental chair weight with packaging : 115 kg + max. 20 kg




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